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Legal Bodies

Thursday 15 May 2014 - Saturday 17 May 2014
Lipsius Building
Cleveringaplaats 1
2311BD Leiden

LUCAS (the Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society) organizes (in collaboration with NICA (Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis)) a threeday conference, “Legal Bodies: Corpus / Persona / Communitas,” on the various ways in which literary texts and art works have represented, interrogated or challenged juridical notions of ‘personhood’. The conference brings together established and young scholars to discuss how literature, the arts and the law have reflected on issues of personhood. The received enlightenment notion of the individual – a central term in both the domains of the law and in the humanities – has recently been challenged by developments in the medical sciences, in biotechnology, and in the context of global-political developments. The implications of these shifts have been at the heart of a growing body of work by scholars in the humanities, the social sciences, philosophy and the law. This conference seeks to contribute to these debates by discussing how literature, art and culture might form domains in which the limitations of legal, political or medical conceptualizations of personhood can be thought through, and in which alternative understandings of personhood are offered. The Conference is free and open to the public.

Speakers and abstracts

  • Agha, Petr
  • Bacal, Edward
  • Beks, Helene A.A.
  • Berkel, Tazuko van
  • Bodde, Odile
  • Bors, Sabin
  • Bouteligier, Claudia
  • Brink, Marjolein van den & Jet Tigchelaar
  • Chen, Cui
  • Cheval, Florence
  • Colebrook, Claire
  • Croce, Mariano
  • David, Joseph
  • Elzen, Sophie van
  • Engelenhoven, Gerlov van
  • Frost, Samantha & Chantal Nadeau
  • Gaakeer, Jeanne
  • Giorgi, Margherita De
  • Glickman, Stephanie
  • Haaf, Lisette ten
  • Hardack, Richard
  • Hart, Inge 't
  • Ieven, Bram
  • Ivinski, Pamela A.
  • Jallad, Zeina
  • Kayman, Martin A.
  • Kessel, Looi van
  • Klank, Markus
  • Kwa, Shiamin
  • Lange, Magdalena
  • Laros, Ted
  • Lema, Nicolas
  • Malek, Pauline
  • Martina, Egbert Alejandro & Patricia Schor
  • Miller, Julie J.
  • Nadeau, Chantal & Samantha Frost
  • Nederveen-Barendregt, Tine
  • Nguyen, Thao
  • Patchett, Emma
  • Paijmans, Marrigje
  • Price, Jonathan
  • Putter, Jan de
  • Robbe, Ksenia
  • Ryusschere, Dave de
  • Schor, Patricia en Egbert Alejandro Martina
  • Schrover, Wouter
  • Stern, Simon
  • Stolyarova, Anna
  • Tigchelaar, Jet & Marjolein van den Brink
  • Venditti, Valeria
  • Voort, Loes van der
  • Wołodźko, Agnieszka Anna
  • Wu, Tzung-Mou
  • Zeeuw, Tessa de
  • Zucchi, Enrico
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