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Translational Summer School

Our annual summer school, which in association with TREAT-NMD, is especially developed for researchers and clinicians interested in translational research.

The programme and speakers will be published on the website once this is finalized. The following topics will be covered: 

  • Bench to bedside research
  • Regulatory system
  • Clinical trials
  • Outcome measures
  • Patient communication
  • Registries and biobanks
  • Biomarkers and –omics

Attendees of the summer school discover how networks such as the European Reference Network EURO-NMD and TREAT-NMD work and collaborate with patients and regulators to facilitate therapy development. Aspects such as standards of care, outcome measure development, biomarkers and others are discussed and debated during the week. Attendees also have the opportunity to find out about the various interactions that take place between key stakeholders how the regulatory system works and take part in a TACT style review and indepth discussion on ethical issues in clinical trials.

There is also the chance to find out about various outcome measures and gain an appreciation of the need for standardisation and training in this area. Participation in a clinical trial practicality forum as well as a patient communication workshop which focusses on patient communication also forms part of the curriculum. Attendees who complete this course will possess the knowledge of the many different aspects that are involved in translational research and also have a deeper understanding and compassion for those involved in the whole trial process from researcher to patient.

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