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TechMed Summerschool

Are you looking for an inspiring Summer School, combining Technical and Medical Science? Sign up for the TechMed Summer School. The program of the summer school will be given online and aims to educate and inspire future potentials, in an early stage in their career, with respect to current and future innovative technologies in healthcare, in which medicine and cutting edge technology are integrated and the foundation for a solid bridge between technology and medicine is build.   

General structure

During the Summer School, we will discuss the following themes:

  • Day 1: The operating room of the future

  • Day 2: Clinical Applicability of artificial intelligende and e-health

  • Day 3: Imaging of cancer

Learning Objectives

1. Obtain up-to-date knowledge on three substantive themes, which the participants can translate directly to their own field of work, i.e. the operating room of the future, imaging of cancer, Artificial Intelligence, e-health.

2. Insight in the way in which direct colleagues or other care professionals or technical professionals look at the integration of clinical care and technology and what the advantages and disadvantages, and potential possibilities and barriers are. And with this insight itself they can better analyze a medical technological problem and make optimal choices.

3. Insight in the way in which direct colleagues or other healthcare or technical professionals look at the directly applicable implementation of technology in the care and what potential possibilities and barriers are.  And with this insight a future technological challenge can be analyzed and solutions can be designed and implemented.

Target group

Our main target group are highly talented (post) Msc students (Technical medicine, Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Sciences), PhD students, young medical specialists with technological interest, (junior) postdocs. The participants are pioneers and are capable of out of the box thinking and have the ambition to contribute to the integration of medicine and technology, thus advancing personalized care and patient safety.  

Participants:  25-35

Groups of 4-6 persons, maximum 8 or 9 groups

Credits: 1 ECTS

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