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Modern Physics at all Scales

Present-day physics stretches from a better understanding of the evolution of the universe to the physics of condensed matter, biological processes, soft matter and metamaterials. The summer programme will highlight aspects of these fields, with an emphasis on the Leiden Master programme and the experimental and theoretical research opportunities offered within the Leiden Institute of Physics (LION).

Second and third-year bachelor students from all over the world will come to Leiden to participate in a program filled with talks, lab tours and cultural events. The participants will enjoy talks from most of the Physics principal investigators in Leiden and join in ‘hands-on’ lab tours in all of the Huygens and Kamerlingh Onnes laboratories. The cultural program consists of a pub quiz, a boat trip on the Leiden canals, museum visits and a bicycle tour.

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The participants will have a chance to discover the experimental and theoretical physics research opportunities, such as:

  • The quantum universe and its imprint on the sky

  • Physics of the living cell

  • Quantum computation and communication

  • Single molecule optics and electronics

  • Quantum imaging techniques

  • Physics of metamaterials

The programme consists of special topic seminars on cell biology, solid state physics, soft-condensed matter, biophysics, cosmology, elementary particle physics, and electron microscopy. There will also be extensive visits to research laboratories, in particular to the Cell Observatory and the Huygens–Kamerlingh Onnes laboratory. Several social events will be organized, including a visit to Amsterdam and exploring Leiden.

All participants will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

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