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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

Why Leiden University?

The Master Vitality and Ageing will equip you with the kind of knowledge and academic skills that will enable you to enhance the lives of our senior citizens. As no other, you will be primed to play a key role in improving the future of our ageing society.

Why do the Master Vitality and Ageing in Leiden?

  • This interdisciplinary programme reconciles knowledge in several disciplines, such as the biological and social aspects involved in the ageing process (gerontology), medical care for older adults (geriatrics) and the future of the health management of an ageing population.
  • The programme is the perfect mix of theory, practical knowledge and hands-on skills. It comprises scientific literature on vitality and ageing and training in scientific and personal skills, including communicating with older adults themselves (who actually participate in the programme).
  • The international and interdisciplinary character of the programme is underscored by the fact that it’s taught in English by lecturers from diverse backgrounds and followed by students from all over the world.

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Studying at Leiden University Medical Centre

  • LUMC is a modern institution where research, education and patient care combine a high quality profile with a strong scientific orientation.
  • LUMC research in Vitality and Ageing scores very highly in an international context.
  • Ageing has become an important theme in LUMC’s research and education programmes.
  • LUMC collaborates with the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social and Behavioural  Sciences, and Faculty of Governance and Global affairs of Leiden University.

Study at a world-class university

Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands and enjoys an excellent worldwide reputation built up over more than four centuries. Since 1575 we’ve provided sound personal education for hundreds of thousands of students. We’ll do our utmost to give you the best possible support. And if you can and want to do more, we’ll challenge you every step of the way. For many years, we’ve been among the leaders in Dutch university rankings and we are currently to be found in a variety of top international rankings too.

More reasons to choose Leiden University

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