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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

FAQ about Vitality & Ageing

Is your question not on this FAQ? Please contact us for a personalised answer via: masterva@lumc.nl.

For more information you can get in touch with the Master team:

The aim is that around a quarter of the teaching will take place face-to-face. Vitality and Ageing aims to meet on campus once a week for practical sessions, small tutorials and tutor meetings. For more information, check out the Leiden University website.  
For questions about your application, go to the FAQ Coronavirus – admission and application.

For more personal questions, please contact us via masterva@lumc.nl or (+31) 071-5265223.

The master’s Vitality and Ageing is a fulltime 1-year programme. It is not recommendable to study two master’s at once. We recommend students with the ambition to study 2 master’s to organise them consecutively (before or after your medical internships for example). 

Yes! There are various options to get in touch with one of the Vitality and Ageing students or alumni. Contact us via masterva@lumc.nl to get an appointment with one of our students or alumni.

For all housing requests, please find your answer at the Leiden University Housing page.

For personal circumstances which influence your study ability you can get in touch with our study advisor Lucia Creveld. You can email masterva@lumc.nl to get in contact and get an appointment (by phone) to the studyadvisor Lucia Creveld.

The Master Vitality & Ageing is a full-time programme. You are expected to spend 40 hours per week on your studies (incl. contact hours, (group) assignments and self-study). To get an impression of the schedule, please see the timetable for the current academic year as well as the curriculum.

There are possibilities to spread out courses over a longer period of time. For more information please contact us via masterva@lumc.nl.

All information about the admission requirements can be found here. If you still have question after reading, do not hesitate to contact us on: masterva@lumc.nl

A list of free admissible Bachelor’s backgrounds can be found here. Students with other Bachelor’s backgrounds than mentioned in this list are invited to submit a request for admission to the Board of Admissions of the master’s. This request will be individually reviewed.

If you think you are admissible, please send an e-mail to masterva@lumc.nl, so that we can estimate your chances.

At this moment it is not possible to start the study program on 1 February. The first available moment to start is 1 September. 

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