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Vitality and Ageing (MSc)

Career prospects

Graduates of the Master Vitality and Ageing usually start their careers in medical, scientific or management positions. The international character of this master’s programme provides a perfect stepping stone towards a national or international career in research (PhD), care organisations or governmental policy organisations.

Nienke van Doesburg

Alumnus (Project assistant at the National Programme Elderly care)

Nienke van Doesburg

“I chose this master’s programme because I‘ve been fascinated by health and the healthcare sector since I was a child, and I wanted to broaden my knowledge about vitality and ageing."

"While working as a carer in a nursing home, I was confronted by many different facets of the aging process, such as the biological problems of ageing, old people’s social networks and the repercussions of governmental decisions. During the programme we mainly discussed healthcare reorganisations, budgets and the consequences of ageing.”

Lisa van Tol

Alumnus (Researcher)

Lisa van Tol

"In high school I decided that I wanted to focus on health, but not become a doctor. I wanted to focus on positive health and on quality of life, on how to enjoy life as much as possible, more than on striving for perfect health at all costs."

Amber Schoenmakers

Alumnus (Project leader)

Amber Schoenmakers

"I'm intrigued by the ageing process. Ageing the most universal phenomenon in the word. However, we all age differently (heterogeneously). In addition, our lifespan enhances. Following the statistic we all have the chance to live longer than our ancestors. Isn't it amazing to have more time to live?! Living longer as a population brings challenges. There are so many questions in various perspectives of ageing in the biological, individual, societal context. This intrigues me even more. I want to know how we can age and stay vital."

The career opportunities of Vitality and Ageing

After completing the Master Vitality and Ageing programme you’ll be perfectly positioned to start a scientific career in research, by doing a PhD. This master’s programme will be an ideal preparation. Not only will it help you develop excellent skills in scientific writing and other scientific communication techniques, it will also acquaint you with the latest scientific research in the field. Furthermore, you’ll be able to expand your international network of scientists in the field of vitality and ageing.

Many national and internationalorganisations and governments have realised that our ageing society demands a new type of expert. Thanks to its international focus on how to better organise the ageing society, this master’s programme constitutes the perfect stepping stone towards a career in healthcare organisations or governmental and non-governmental organisations, as a consultant or advisor for example.

The future of medicine is evolving, since the average age of patients admitted to hospital is 68 years, and expected to rise. Therefore, the amount of older adults in the daily activities of every medical specialism will increase. In combination with the Medical School, the Master Vitality and Ageing forms an excellent supplement to your further medical education.


Our programme is efficiently organised to combine two masters. Contact our study advisor Lucia Creveld for the possibilities of regular tuition fees in combination with a second master, and the possibilities of combining the master internships.

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