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Population Health Management (MSc)

FAQ about Population Health Management

Is your question not on this FAQ? Please contact us for a personalised answer via: master.PHM@lumc.nl.

About the programme

We have arranged some online information activities for students who are considering to study PHM. Check out our upcoming events here

For more personalized information, get in touch with us: 

The programme started for the first time in September 2021. This means we don’t have alumni yet, but we can offer contact with a student. Just make an appointment through master.PHM@lumc.nl.

At this moment it is not possible to start the programme in February, we only offer a start in September.

There is no selection and there is numerus fixus. We don’t have a fixed number of places. All applicants who meet the criteria will be accepted. All information about admission and application can be found here.

We don’t offer a part time opportunity, but there are -depending on your situation- possibilities to combine this Master with a job or another education. It is a fulltime Master with a substantial workload during the online weeks. Fulltime presence during the on campus week (once every four weeks, 09:00-17:00) is obligatory.

Our study advisor can advise you in this matter and help you designing a programme.

In September 2021 we started with a group of around 25 students of which 25% has an international background.

The PHM programme has a strong commitment to the principles of the international classroom, in which students from different backgrounds come together, learn to work together and learn from each other. An international, diverse student population guarantees students the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, professional and life experience and world views necessary to create the required skills to navigate through and give direction to the complex and changing health care landscape.

Population Health Management trains to become an Academic Trusted Partner and operates mainly on a strategic and tactical level. An important part of PHM is the foundation from medicine in combination with data. In comparison with, for example, the Health Care Management master's, much attention is paid to epidemiology, statistics and data science. The focus on medicine leads to a focus on syndemics (interaction between development of the disease/sickness and social determinants).

The Master's in Health Care Management (Erasmus) trains people to be managers of an intervention, department or small organisation. The focus is implementation of changes within the current system: optimising healthcare logistics. Population Health Management reasons from a value perspective, supported by data, to come to a total solution; a transition thinking to a different healthcare system instead of optimising the current system.


All information about the admission requirements can be found here. If you still have questions after reading, do not hesitate to contact us on: master.PHM@lumc.nl

If you doubt whether or not you are admissible, please send an e-mail to master.PHM@lumc.nl.

A medical background is a good background for taking this master but certainly not the only one. You do need basic knowledge on pathophysiology and pathology, the organisation of health care and health policy and quantitative methods (research methodology, epidemiology and/or statistics). Tailormade bridging programmes will be made available if you almost  meet the criteria. For the exact admission criteria check this page.

No, we do not require a minimum GPA.

More detailed information on language requirements can be found on: English language proficiency. If you think you can be exempted from the language requirement because of your preliminary education, please get in contact with Leiden University’s Admissions Office via the Student Affairs Front Office.

Depending on background, learners from the professional field are very welcome to take one or more separate courses. More information via the study advisor.

Yes, several courses can be taken as elective. Please check the prospectus for the information per course or get in contact via master.PHM@lumc.nl.

Practical matters

You can apply for our programme via Studielink.

The tuition fees for the academic year 2022-2023 can be found here.

Our education is provided online and in the city of The Hague at thre LUMC Campus The Hague.

For personal circumstances which influence your study ability you can get in touch with our study advisor. Just send a message to StudyadvisorPHM@lumc.nl or make an appointment here.

In the second year of the Master we encourage you to go abroad and we will support you by making use of our contacts.

For all housing requests, please find your answer at the Leiden University Housing page.


The PHM programme is designed as a blended programme; during the first year 75% of the education is online. We will strive to provide the remaining 25% of the education on campus, because the intensive on campus week adds value to the programme. But if the corona virus demands us otherwise; we are experienced in developing an online alternative. 

After graduation

After your graduation you have the opportunity to work in many organisations in strategic staff positions or as a data scientist, depending on your specialization, in health and social care organisations, insurers, policy organisations at international, national and local level and suppliers in health care to researchers in academic institutes.

It should not be too hard to find a job after graduation. The field of PHM is growing and our programme is almost unique worldwide. We expect that the international job market will offer great career opportunities for graduates.

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