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Persian Studies (MA)

Join a distinguished academic tradition with a master's programme in Persian Studies at Leiden University.

Please note: From September 2019 you no longer need to select a specialisation, but you apply directly to the MA Middle Eastern Studies.

A wide range of courses

The master's programme in Persian Studies offers courses that combine philology with modern history, literature with linguistics, religion with rituals, and visual arts with rich Persian iconography and visual arts.

Learn from leading researchers in the field
Classical and modern Persian literature have been studied at Leiden University since the sixteenth century, leading to such masterpieces as Saadi’s Rose Garden being translated in situ, and cementing Leiden's reputation as a leading centre of expertise. The master’s programme in Persian Studies capitalises on this expertise to bring you a world-class qualification in Iranian languages and cultures, with scope to tailor the programme to the topics or regions that most interest you. 

Focus on one of three disciplines

A broad range of subject areas are offered, but you will focus on one of three disciplines: Linguistics, Literature or History. Persian culture is approached as a supra-national phenomenon. You will study the cultural aspects of Persia across the many nations in which Persian is the official language: Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and the much wider area in which Persian has had a cultural and literary influence—from Mughal India to Central Asia, parts of the Caucasus and the Ottoman Empire.

It is also possible to focus on Persian Studies within the two-year research master’s programme in Middle Eastern Studies.

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