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Film and Photographic Studies (MA)

Career preparation

Our goal is to prepare you to make a difference in your future career.

Knowledge and skills

The master’s programme in Film and Photographic Studies at Leiden University aims to equip you with a range of important skills and knowledge that will help you thrive in your future career. Your specialised expertise is complemented by vocational skills and the ability to apply multidisciplinary, critical-thinking skills to solve even the most complex conceptual problems.

Relevant professional skills and experience

Our emphasis on applying what you learn in a professional or practical situation is how we give our students a head-start in their future career. We encourage you to work as an intern in an organisation in the Netherlands or abroad, practice preparing applications for jobs, work on practical projects for real clients, and take on extracurricular activities such as creating film clips.

Connecting you with organisations

Staff at the Film and Photographic Studies programme take an active role in connecting you with professionals at various organisations for example for internships. In recent years students from the master’s programme in Film and Photographic Studies have been doing internships at the following organisations:

  • International Center of Photography in New York;
  • Victoria & Albert Museum in London;
  • Museum voor Fotografie in Rotterdam;
  • WIELS Contemporary Art Center in Brussels.

Humanities Career Service

Our staff can help you identify both the career that is right for you, and the necessary steps to get you there. Our team at Humanities Career Service provide all Leiden University humanities students with professional advice and guidance on everything from internships and career planning to job applications. Humanities Career Service also organises regular workshops on topics such as effective interview skills and creating a successful CV.

Humanities Career Event

Each year, the Faculty of Humanities organises a Humanities Careers Event. This all-day event is your chance to learn everything you can about how to find the job you want and successfully attain it. The event includes workshops on a wide range of topics as well as opportunities to network with alumni and potential employers and attain tips, information and potential job leads.

Check out the video of the Humanities Career Event 2019!

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