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Language Diversity of Africa, Asia and Native America (MA)

In the master’s programme Language Diversity of Africa, Asia and Native America at Leiden University you will study the linguistic structures of a wide variety of languages spoken in these regions.

Please note: From September 2019 the programme will consist of the following three specialisations in which you will be able to focus on your area of interest:

Benefit from our expertise

The Language Diversity of Africa, Asia and Native America programme is taught by internationally renowned experts who regularly carry out research in Africa, Asia and the Americas. You will benefit from their knowledge of and experience with the many interesting features of each region.

Choose from a large selection of languages

During this programme you will develop a thorough understanding of the complexity of natural languages spoken in Africa, Asia and Native America. You will also be able to choose from the largest selection of languages taught and studied at any institution in the Netherlands and you have the option to do fieldwork during your studies.

Focus on your area of interest

Join a programme that draws on state-of-the-art linguistic research conducted at the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics (LUCL), an institute with a long-standing international reputation for excellence and the foundation for all our Linguistics courses. You will gain knowledge on an array of topics, ranging from how the perspective of the speaker determines the structure of sentences in languages of the Americas, the function of serial verb constructions in Africa to the structure of numeral systems in Asia.

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