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Comparative Indo-European Linguistics (MA)

The master’s programme in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics at Leiden University is unique in the Netherlands and focuses on the study and comparison of a wide range of interrelated languages in Europe and Asia.

Please note: From September 2019 the programme will consist of the following three specialisations in which you will be able to focus on your area of interest:

Explore the Indo-European language family

During the master’s programme in Comparative Indo-European Linguistics you will learn how to reconstruct the language that was the basis of the separate languages of the Indo-European language family. You will also learn to determine the relationship of languages to each other, and the historical continuity in their ever-changing phonological, morphological, and syntactic structures.

Study unique language courses

Languages offered within the Comparative Indo-European Linguistics specialisation include languages that can only be studied at Leiden University, such as Armenian, Luwian, Avestan, Gothic and Lithuanian. Moreover, you can benefit from the expertise of the Faculty of Humanities in subjects like Indology, Classics, Slavic, Persian and the languages of the Ancient Near East.

Benefit from a flexible curriculum

The flexibility of the Comparative Indo-European Linguistics master allows you to compile your own package of courses tailored to your interests. You will be able to combine Indo-European Linguistics with an in-depth study of a language or a group of languages enabling you to take advantage of the expertise of the Faculty of Humanities.

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