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ICT in Business and the Public Sector (MSc)

About the programme

The MSc programme ICT in Business and the Public sector (120 EC) offers two specialisations that focus on either ICT and business or ICT and the Public Sector.

Programme overview

The Master of Science in ICT and Business and Public Sector programme offers two specialisations:

  • ICT in Business: The specialisation ICT in Business aims at providing you with a deeper understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities engendered by the rapid changes in information and communication technology (ICT) and its applications to businesses over recent years.
  • ICT in the Public Sector: During the MSc programme ICT in the Public Sector you will focus more on the governmental environment rather than a commercial one, concentrating less on issues that are typical of a commercial nature (such as marketing and finance) but paying attention to issues relevant in the public domain such as politico-administrative relations, European procurement and data-driven policy development.

Courses are given in Leiden and The Hague. We advise students to find housing in Leiden.

Educational methods

  • Literature studies
  • Individual papers
  • Colloquia
  • Presentations
  • Interactive lectures
  • Interactive team work
  • Company visits
  • Research Project

Study guidance

Because master students are already used to studying, we do expect responsibility for their own learning progress. But when students are facing issues that affect their studies, we are there to help and support. So in case of study delay, personal issues or just regular questions, students can contact the study advisor. Students can also call upon several university services for support.

Our staff is approachable. During the master thesis research project a student is supervised one-on-one. The overall thesis process is monitored in the Master Class.

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