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Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence (MA)

Alumni blog

Interested in studying Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence at Leiden University? Find out what our alumni said about this master's programme.

Alice Eaton

Graduated in Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence

"I decided to study Cities, Migration and Global Interdependence because I am very interested in migration and the history of migratory movements. I wrote my BA dissertation about the movement of Dutch East-Indians to the Netherlands, the research for which introduced me to Leiden and then made me think a master's in this field would be a fascinating subject to study and Leiden was the best place for me."

“I currently work as an International Conversion Adviser at UWE Bristol. I work with a diverse team to provide information to students and help to make them feel welcomed and supported by the university prior to their arrival. This process goes from the initial enquiry right up to the final enrolment.“

Analyzing as an essential skill

“A large part of my MA was reading texts from different sources and analyzing it to gain an answer. Much of what I do in my job is the same: I analyze industry reports, information from regional offices and student feedback to see what trends are rising within higher education, and what we can do to meet these trends as well as improve our services."

"Being able to critique my own work is essential, because higher education is constantly evolving and I need to be able to adapt to these changing circumstances in order to make the student experience as positive as possible. This was a skill I learned during my time at Leiden, as was the need to make the university experience for international students as seamless and positive as possible.”

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