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Strategy, Consulting and Change Management (MSc)

In the master Strategy, Consulting and Change Management you will learn how public managers can structure and run their organisations to ensure a higher level of performance. You will receive lectures from professionals in public administration, uniquely integrating theory with practice.

What does this master programme entail?

The central question this course addresses is how to run an organisation in the public sector with a view to improving performance. You will immerse yourself in the study of the many different facets of this question, such as: how can you make the organisation more transparent and customer-friendly? How can you motivate your employees? How can you take advantage of digitisation and social media? How should you deal with lobbyists and pressure groups? Graduates will possess the necessary competences to succeed in their careers as advisers, strategists or managers.

Dutch programme

Strategy, Consulting and Change Management is one of two Dutch taught specialisations of the Dutch Master's degree Public Sector Management. Would you like to know more about Strategy, Consultancy and Change Management, please visit the Dutch website of Strategy, Consulting and Change Management.

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