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Public Affairs (MSc)

Public Affairs will immerse you in the relationships between public organisations and external actors. How do they influence each other? What role do interest groups, lobbyists and (social) media networks play? You will receive lectures from professionals with experience in public administration, on a course that uniquely integrates theory with practice.

What does this master programme entail?

If you take the Public Affairs specialisation, you will learn about the various factors that influence policy-making and decision-making processes. You will become an expert in the two-way traffic between public organisations and social actors, whose mutual influences are only made more complex by interest groups, networks and the mediatisation of society. ‘Multi-level governance’ is another relevant aspect, with an increasing number of connections between the various levels of the decision-making process. If you are looking to work in this fascinating field, Public Affairs is the course for you.

Dutch programme

Public Affairs is one of two Dutch taught specialisations of the Dutch Master's degree Public Sector Management. Would you like to know more about Public Affairs, please visit the Dutch website of Public Affairs.

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