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Chemistry and Science Communication and Society (MSc)

About the programme

The specialisation combines one year of Chemistry (60 - 80 EC) with one year of science communication courses, internships and research (40-60 EC).

Programme overview

If you choose SCS  you need to follow the SCS programme (40-60 EC) and therefore will have a reduced Chemistry programme, which consists of compulsory chemistry components (60 EC) and electives (max 20 EC). The compulsory chemistry components in this specialisation comprises a research training project (30 EC), four core courses to be selected  from one of the two research areas Chemical Biology or Energy & Sustainability (24 EC), and a course related to academic training (6 EC). The science communication component of the specialisation includes coursework, internship(s) and a science communication research project.

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Educational methods

  • Thesis Talks
  • Colloquium
  • Writing of essays
  • Lab work
  • Literature study
  • Presentations
  • Lectures
  • Project groups
  • Working groups
  • Internship

Study guidance

At the start of the programme you will choose a personal mentor. The mentor will be your personal coach during the complete master's programme. You will also use a digital Master planner to schedule your studies. The schedule will be monitored by your mentor and the study coordinator.  During your master programme you will become a member of one of the research groups and receive the necessary guidance.

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