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Chemistry and Business Studies (MSc)

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Chemistry (MSc)

In the master’s specialisation Chemistry and Science Based Business, you combine high quality research in chemistry with training in management and entrepreneurship.

What does this master’s programme entail?

Science Based Business bridges science and business by focusing on areas such as technology management, innovation, entrepreneurship, operations and decision making. In this master’s specialisation you combine chemistry research with Science Based Business. You will learn about analytical frameworks and skills for managerial decision making. The emphasis of the business specialisation is on the application of these frameworks and skills in the context of R&D-intensive organisations. After completion, you have obtained the necessary knowledge and skills to take on managerial responsibilities in your work.

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Why study Chemistry and Science Based Business (SBB) at Leiden University?

  • The specialisation provides you with a full year of research training in chemistry followed by a year of training in business theory.
  • You can tailor your Chemistry programme based on your ambitions and interests within the research areas Chemical Biology or Energy & Sustainability.
  • You have the opportunity to gain hands-on business experience working as an intern for a company. The real-life experience of the SBB internship often provides students an edge in securing competitive job openings.

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Chemistry and Science Based Business: the right master’s programme for you?

Do you pursue a management career in industry from a chemistry research perspective? Do you want to learn all about technology commercialization and business development? Then, Chemistry and Science Based Business is the master’s specialisation of choice for you. It enables you to broaden your scope outside chemistry research. The SSB specialisation offers training that is analytically rigorous and connected to practice through class discussions based on real-life business cases, company visits, guest speakers, and an internship experience.

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