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Biomedical Sciences (MSc)

About the programme

The education specialisation is there for students who want to work as a first grade teacher Biology at secondary education or for those who want to specialise in education in general. After completing this programme you also have the possibility to continue in the field of Biomedical Research. Since the programme is partly taught in English and partly in Dutch, fluency in Dutch is required.

Programme outline

The common part of the programme for all students of MSc Biomedical Sciences consists of:

These components are usually followed in the first year of your master, but your planning can be flexible and depends on the choices you make.

In the Education specialisation, the second year consists of the following components:

During  this 2-year master programme you define your own fields of interest in courses and a research project in the first year. The second year is dedicated to teaching.  By designing and planning your own programme, you will obtain essential academic skills for your future career. Our unique module Career orientation will guide you in your development into a young professional and will help your search for a great start of your career after the master. For personal advice you can also go to our career officer. Our programme advisor can provide help with the study programme and planning of your master, and our study advisor  is available for guidance in case of personal circumstances that may affect study progress.

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