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Biomedical Sciences Education (MSc)

In the Biomedical Sciences Education specialisation you gain knowledge and skills in the area of teaching in biology. The education specialisation is for students who want to work as a first grade teacher Biology at secondary education or for those who want to specialize in education in general. After completing of this programme you also have the possibility to continue in the field of Biomedical Research. Since the programme is partly taught in English and partly in Dutch, fluency in Dutch is required.

Programme overview

The first year of your master is dedicated to the common programme of the master and focuses on biomedical research. In your second year you will follow the education programme in biology, that is offered in collaboration with ICLON. This master’s specialisation enables you to make a relevant impact on society by educating today’s secondary school pupils for tomorrow’s challenges in the field of biology.

The programme encompasses compulsory components of the Research master’s programme combined with a total of 60 EC of courses at ICLON. You will follow a combination of courses in order to catch up your knowledge of Biology as well as the ICLON teacher training in Biology.

For the most up to date programme overview of the management specialisation and course information,  see the e-Prospectus.

Educational methods

The following educational methods are part of the master programme: lectures, workgroups, (computer) practical sessions, self-study exercises, tutorials, research internships, independent writing, presentations, hands-on workshops and live demonstrations. Depending on your choice of electives other educational methods will be offered. Frontiers of Science courses are always taught to small groups of students.


For general information concerning admission, the possibilities within the master and advice with respect to the scheduling of your master’s program, contact our advisors via masterBMS@lumc.nl.

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