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Museums and Collections (MA)

In the MA Museums and Collections at Leiden University you will learn about the ethical, political and practical dilemmas that affect museums today.

Examine social functions of museums

This master's programme will equip you with the skills and knowledge to play a key role in the future of museums and cultural institutions. During the programme you will examine how the social functions of museums and collections are changing rapidly under political and economic pressure and the increasing overlap that exists between the traditional tasks of museum curators, departments of education, and management.

Explore the impact of current issues on museums and heritage

You will gain an understanding of the impact of globalisation and the changing geopolitical relations on the status of cultural heritage, including political, legal and museological aspects. You will study these issues within the context of the history and theory of collections and the cultural politics of museums and heritage.

Access unique resources

Access unique resources at the expansive range of major museums, collections, libraries and research schools within easy reach of Leiden University. At the end of the programme you will be ready for an exciting career in a range of roles in institutions including museums, galleries, (art) libraries and archives, as well as in the media sector or within journalism.

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