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Art, Architecture and Interior before 1800 (MA)


Get the most out of your studies at Leiden University by taking part in our extracurricular activities.

Honours Programme

If you enjoy going the extra mile, the (extracurricular) Honours College programme might be something for you. It is created for students with good academic results who want to deepen and/or broaden their knowledge. E.g. one of the classes offers you the chance to visit Paris’ most famous museums with students of the Ecole du Louvre and Cambridge University.

Visit our Prospectus to find out more about the Honours programme. 

Study abroad

Interested in adventuring further afield? At Leiden, you have the option to study for part of your Arts and Culture degree at one of our many partner institutes around the world. The International Office of the Faculty of Humanities can help you arrange a semester at another university for a taste of another Dutch city or a whole new culture, country, and continent. We have close contacts and exchange programma’s with many universities and organizations such as the Universities of St Andrews and Cambridge in the United Kingdom, the Ecole du Louvre in Paris and the NIKI in Rome.

Study at the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts

The Academy of the Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) is a research institute and part of the Faculty of Humanities. The ACPA offers education such as electives, and talent programmes such as the Practicum Artium (PA), which gives you the opportunity to study Photography, Graphic Design or Drawing. 

Find out more about ACPA.


Our student body is a close-knit community that includes students from all over the world. Throughout the year, activities are organised by both the programme and the Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS) that ensure this community continues to grow and thrive. Examples include:

  • Field trips related to research seminars, for example to Dutch museums and monuments and abroad to Antwerp or Paris.
  • Guest lectures by leading experts
  • Leiden Global lectures
  • Museum Talks

Thanks to a rich choice in interdisciplinary classes, you get the chance to work together with historians, literary historians, archaeologists, and philosophers. Thus you become part of an interdisciplinary group of students and experts sharing a passion for the medieval and early modern time.

Leiden Leadership Programme

Are you interested in developing your leadership potential? The Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP) is an Honours Programme specifically developed for ambitious master's students at Leiden University and the Delft University of Technology who recognise the importance of leadership abilities. The LLP offers in-depth training sessions, assessments, seminars, and the creation of a Personal Leadership Roadmap – a five-year plan for reaching and developing your leadership potential.

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