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Art and Architecture before 1800 (MA)

Part of
Arts and Culture (MA)

The MA in Art and Architecture before 1800 at Leiden University is your opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge in the art and architecture that evolved during the years before 1800.

Interdisciplinary approach

Your focus during this master's programme will be on the interdisciplinary research that has been conducted on the history of art and architecture from the perspective of artists and architects, including how works of art were produced, the role of patrons and the public, how works of art and buildings evolved in response to changing social and political changes, and the impact of this on the public.

Access world-class resources

You will learn in close cooperation with art history institutes in the Netherlands and abroad. Access the world-class resources of the Leiden University Library as well as some outstanding off-campus institutes, including the many famous museums in the Netherlands.

Put theory into practice

The programme gives you the opportunity to get involved in creating exhibitions. You could play a central role in creating a virtual or public exhibition. These projects are an important part of your curriculum.