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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)


LUC The Hague has 200 places available for new students each year. For each selection round, a certain number of places has been reserved to allow equal opportunities for all applicants. Students who apply for the first selection round (January 1) increase their chances for admission as they can still be considered for the second selection round if not selected in the first.

Selection Procedure

As we have only a certain number of places available for students, LUC The Hague selects students based on multiple factors in order to assess best fit. Therefore, all applicants go through the same selection procedure as described in the following steps.

Selection Procedure steps

Make sure you complete and submit your application in the Leiden University application portal. You should only do this after you have submitted your enrolment request in Studielink.

In order for your application to be complete, you must have uploaded all required documents. The admissions office will send a confirmation when your file is complete and is ready to be assessed by the admissions committee. Please note you have to receive this confirmation, or otherwise your application is not being taken into consideration. Therefore, always check the portal for your up to date status regarding your application or contact the admissions office.

Complete applications are evaluated by the Admissions Office to determine the admissibility. If a student does not meet the minimum requirements, (s)he will be informed. Complete applications that do meet the minimum requirements are evaluated by the Admissions Committee.

The Admissions Committee reviews all applications, considering all submitted documents and selects a number of student to go through an admissions interview. If a candidate is not selected for an interview, (s)he will be informed by the Admissions Office and the Admissions Office will determine whether the applicant can still be considered for an interview in the second round of admissions (1 April). 

Students will be able to see their status of their application in the application portal.

If selected by the Admissions Committee, an applicant will be invited for an interview either at LUC or via Skype. A student will be able to schedule their own interview date and time. The Admissions Office will provide the selected student with a link to schedule the interview. Interviews are conducted by members of the Academic Staff at LUC. More information on the interviews can be found below.

Based on the recommendations of the different members of the Admissions Committee (this includes the comments from the interview), the Dean of LUC The Hague makes a decision regarding admission.

You may either be offered a place in the programme, or defered for consideration in the second round of admissions or receive a rejection.


Admission Rounds

There are two rounds for which you can apply for LUC The Hague: An Early Bird deadline (1 January 2019) and a regular deadline (1 April 2019). Applicants have equal opportunities for each application round. Students with a Non-EU passport, and/or applying for financial support should apply in the first round. We will reserve a certain number of places for each round and those who apply for the first selection round (January 1) can still be considered for the second selection round if not selected in the first.

If you have received a notification that you have not been offered a place after an interview, you are automatically considered for a place during the second admission round. You will not have to do anything for this to take place. You will then be informed of the final decision once the second round has been completed.

Students who have received a rejection letter from the Admissions Commitee either before an interview or after, are not considered for the second round anymore.

Interview information

If you have received a message from the admissions office regarding your application status that you have been selected for an interview, you are provided with a link to an online booking system in which you can select the day and time of your interview.

Students can be interviewed through Skype or in person at the LUC The Hague college building and they can select this themselves through the online booking system.

The aim of the interview is to get to know you better and to understand what your motivation is to study at LUC The Hague. The interviewer's goal is to assess whether the student is a good fit for the programme (including the academic and residential component).

You may be asked some general academic questions pertaining to the content of the programme, as well as to information you have provided to us in your application, such as your motivation letter or your CV.

The interview is also a chance for you to ask any remaining questions you may have.

The interview is in English and you will speak to one of the LUC The Hague academic staff. An interview lasts no longer than 30 minutes and is either conducted at LUC or via Skype. It is important that you have access to the internet, a computer and a working webcam if you are going to be interviewed via Skype.

Make sure you read through all the documents you have previously submitted, paying close attention to your motivation letter and CV. Additionally, take the time to read through the website, the content of the programmes, and the reason why you would want to study Liberal Arts and Sciences at LUC The Hague.

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