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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges (BA/BSc)

Financial Support

There are multiple ways of financing your studies. For the programme of Liberal Arts and Sciences, extra financial support is available for candidates

Students are able to finance their studies through various ways of financial support. When applying to LUC The Hague Liberal Arts and Sciences, students may be eligible for:

1. LUC The Hague Financial Support

LUC The Hague offers financial support to a number of excellent students who might otherwise be unable to attend. Please note that financial support applications are assessed on a competitive basis and are based on demonstrated need.

Financial support at LUC The Hague consists of fee-waivers for example institutional fee or housing costs. Most range between € 2000 and € 7000 per year. LUC The Hague does not offer financial support for all study expenses.

Check out the LUC The Hague Financial Support website here. For any questions please contact the financial support office. 

2. Dutch government funding system

The Dutch government provides options for student finance. You may be eligible to apply for either loans, supplementary grants or both. You have to have either the Dutch nationality or a nationality or residence permit that provides the same rights as Dutch nationals. You can find more information about this on www.duo.nl or check if you qualify.

Additionally students may also qualify for certain subsidies

Rent Subsidy is a tax refund provided by the Dutch Government, to people who rent a room or a house but don’t have a sufficient income. All single studio-apartments at LUC The Hague qualify for this subsidy. Students maye get an average of €170 per month, if they qualify.

 You will need to check if you qualify for this financial support (unfortunately only available in Dutch). This subsidy is available regardless of nationality.

*IMPORTANT*: Please note this process can take some time, up to a couple of months. Students will need to cover the FULL cost of rent until the rent benefit is granted by the Dutch authorities. Rent benefit if granted, is paid retroactively from the moment the student applies for it. We highly recommend students to apply for this rent benefit as soon as they are eligible to do so.


If you are obliged to take out Dutch public health insurance, you may be eligible to receive a Health insurance benefit which may reduce your personal expenses. 

If you are an EU student you are eligible to work in The Netherlands, however you need a health insurance. Therefore this may be an option (if you qualify), to get access to health insurance.

More information on health insurance benefit

3. Other Scholarships/ Loan programmes

There are also other possibilities to receive funding for your studies. Please take a look at these websites to find out if you are eligible for one of these scholarships:

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