Universiteit Leiden

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Preparation for the job market

Orientation to the job market and the development of the skills and competences that are needed for the job market of the future are becoming increasingly important aspects of curricula at Leiden University and in the guidance we give to students.

21st-century skills

Academic competences, problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically and creatively continue to be important elements in our teaching. Leiden students also develop skills that are currently referred to as 21st-century skills: the ability to work together in teams, international and intercultural competences, entrepreneurship and leadership skills and digital proficiency. With these skills, students are better equipped for the job market and for the world of tomorrow.

Alumni and employers

Via contacts with alumni and employers we are able to gain a good impression of the skills and competences that are expected of graduates. The university also guides students in making the step from university to the job market so that our alumni are truly able to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired for the benefit of society.