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Chosen your online subject? Now it's time to register. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Check the requirements

  • Will you be enrolled as a student of Leiden University for the duration of the course?
  • Does the course meet the requirements to quality for your elective credits or for the Honours Programme? This is something you can discuss with your study adviser or honours coordinator. 
  • Do you meet the entry requirements for the course?
  • Does the course fit within your study schedule in terms of timetable and study load? Bear in mind that online courses take just as much time as regular courses. Check the exam date as well; it may not be in the same week as your regular programme.

Step 2: Approval from the Board of Examiners

If you want the study credits and the grades for the online course to count as part of your regular programme, you need to ask your Board of Examiners for approval in advance.  Check out the procedures for your programme. We'd like to receive a confirmation of the permission from your Board of Examiners via email.

Please note: if you want to follow a Virtual Exchange course for extracurricular credits we also recommend you to ask your Board of Examiners for approval, so you know for sure that the course will be listed on your diploma.

Step 3: Register

In order to register for the course, we need the following information from you:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Virtual Exchange class(es) of choice
  • Studentnumber
  • Study
  • Year of Study
  • Whether you want to partake in the course as part of your minor, as an elective or extracurricular

Please send this information to our email address: virtualexchange@leidenuniv.nl

Step 4: Motivation

We would like to receive a motivation from you, before the application deadline of the course, of a minimum of 200 words in which you explain:

  • Why you are interested in following each course
  • What you expect to learn from the courses
  • How you think the courses fit into your study program

You can send your motivation to virtualexchange@leidenuniv.nl. 

Note: in case we do not receive a motivation from you before the application deadline of the course, we cannot complete your application. This means that you won't be able to participate in the course(s) you applied for.

Step 5: Admission

Because there is a limit on the number of students per course, there will be a selection process.  You will hear whether you have a place on the course within two weeks of registering. 


Still have some questions?  Send an email to virtualexchange@leidenuniv.nl

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