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Forms of education

We aim to form a student community for the duration of this minor. The Anthropocene course will consist of small groups to discuss the sustainability questions introduced by guest lecturers and the students will share their views in presentations and discussions. This is a prelude to the Group project that will delve deeper into specific questions. Other courses will consist of lectures and tutorials, as well as discussions, presentations or writing assignments.

Learning objectives

The advanced minor programme is intended for students from different backgrounds to extend the horizon of their knowledge around the major challenges in sustainable chemistry. 

After completing the programme, students:

  1. can explain the general concept of sustainability and evaluate a potential sustainable solution to a chemistry problem;
  2. can describe natural element cycles and critically reflect on the impact of human activity on these cycles; 
  3. can critically reflect on sustainability of chemical processes and products;
  4. can describe the fundamental chemical problems in energy conversion and critically reflect on sustainable energy production;
  5. can demonstrate a capacity to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams and contribute to a shared goal.

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