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Security, Safety & Justice

About this minor

The minor SSJ gives insight into security issues you read about in the newspaper: terrorist threats, criminality, integrated security and stability. Basic knowledge and research techniques are acquired centered around three themes: security, safety, and justice.

What will you learn?

The insights and analyses are applied to current topics, for example in the transport sector, critical infrastructure, and cyber security.

After completion of the minor, students will be able to:

i) Recognise safety, security and justice aspects in contemporary issues, and be able to synthesise scientific arguments for their presence.

ii) Form an opinion on SSJ issues, which is grounded in scientific analysis and argumentation.

iii) Apply basic analytical techniques to contemporary SSJ issues. These techniques include: system analysis, risk analysis and perpetrator analysis.

iv) Assess the value of scientific publications and use them in the analysis of SSJ issues, and be able to find publications that give deeper insight in these contemporary issues.

v) Recognise the role that SSJ issues have in their own study major, describe this role and explain it to others.

Structure of the minor

The minor consists of 6 courses of 5 ECTS each and takes place during the first semester. The semester is divided into two blocks of eight weeks each. In every block, three courses are taught.

You can also register to only follow the three courses in block one, which count for a total of 15 ECTS. Please be aware that the SSJ minor needs to be completed in one academic year. If you have past at least five of the courses during one academic year, you can retake the one course that you have not past during the following academic year. If this is the case, please contact the minor coordinators well in advance. If you have passed four or less courses during one academic year,permission should be asked to the board of examiners of the Institute of Security and Global Affairs.


The SSJ minor courses will take place at Campus The Hague and Delft University of Technology, in different locations. More information on this can be found in the course-specific information.

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