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Leiden Leadership Programme

Do you have the drive and ambition to further develop your leadership skills and your knowledge of leadership? And would you like to learn more about leadership in practice? If so, you should join the Leiden Leadership Programme (LLP).

What is the Leiden Leadership Programme?

The LLP programme provides you with the necessary knowledge, insights, and skills about leadership to enhance the impact you have on society by means of seminars, skills training, and a practical assignment.

The programme consists of 15 EC and encompasses one core element, the LLP Essentials (5 EC). In the LLP Essentials, the fundamental aspects of leadership are presented through lectures by scholars as well as speakers from the work field. The programme is complemented with a Leadership Lab (4 EC) and two electives (each 3 EC).

During the Leadership Lab you tackle a topical problem put forward by one of the LLP’s partner organisations. You develop leadership skills that contribute to your successful completion of the practical assignment. The themes of the Leadership Labs are:

  • Sustainability & Climate
  • Equality & Inclusion
  • Healthy Living & Well-being
  • Peace & Safety

The elective modules present you with various leadership theories and you will practice and implement different leadership skills related to the theme of the elective modules chosen.

For your first elective module (January-March) you can choose one of the following:

  • Business Leadership
  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Public Leadership

For your second elective module (March-June) you can choose one of the following:

  • Digital Leadership
  • Community Leadership
  • Inclusive Leadership

Who is the Leiden Leadership Programme for?

The LLP is looking for students from diverse disciplines and with varied interests who feel the following applies to them:

  • You are a master’s student at Leiden University, the TU Delft or Erasmus University Rotterdam during the 2022-2023 academic year.
  • You are willing and able to combine an extracurricular programme with your regular master’s programme.
  • You are ambitious and motivated to learn more about both theoretical and practical leadership.
  • You are interested in society, looking beyond the borders of you own discipline and cooperating with students in different fields.
  • You are enthused to, together with other students, make a difference by means of a concrete challenge an organization faces.
  • You are prepared to critically reflect on your own leadership development.
  • You have gotten good marks during your bachelor’s degree (< 7,0) or you have a reasonable explanation as to why that is not the case.

What are the advantages of doing the Leiden Leadership Programme?

Upon completion of the programme, you have:

  • Learned a lot about leadership
  • Practiced and developed leadership skills
  • Gained insight into your own strong points and pitfalls
  • Learned how you can efficiently have a positive impact within an organisation
  • Kickstarted you own network
  • Received 15 EC of extra-curricular education on your diploma supplement as well as an honours certificate

The content of the Leiden Leadership Programme

During the Leiden Leadership Programme, you work to develop your personal leadership skills. Your final grade consists of:

  • The grade awarded to you for the LLP Essentials
  • The grade awarded to you for the Leadership Lab
  • The grades awarded to you for the two elective modules
  • The grade awarded to you for your LLP portfolio in which you reflect on your personal development during the programme as well as the knowledge and skills gained

The Leiden Leadership Programme certificate

Upon successful completion of the Leiden Leadership Programme, you receive an honours certificate as well as an addition to your diploma supplement.

  • Scope of the programme: 15 EC extra-curricular.
  • Duration of the programme and planning: the programme starts in November and finished in June.
  • Language: English. The Leadership Lab is taught both in English and Dutch.
  • Expenses: There are no additional costs associated with the programme.

More information

Are you interested in the Leiden Leadership Programme, and would you like to know more? Take a look at the Leiden Leadership Programme website. Here you can find more information about the programme as well as the application and admission procedure.

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