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Student for a Day

If you want to know whether your preferred master's is a good fit with your needs, try checking it out first-hand by actually spending a day at Leiden University.

Because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, there will be no physical information sessions on campus during the next semester. Leiden University will offer Online Student for a Day events.

What is Student for a Day?

It’s your opportunity to ask all you want to know about the programma from a current master’s student, attend an online lecture and get first-hand experience of what it’s like to specialise in the master’s of your choice.

Is it something for you?

If you have a specific master’s programme in mind, Student for a Day is the ideal way of helping you to decide if it’s really the programme for you or whether you should be looking elsewhere. And if you have no idea which master’s you want to follow, sign up for the Master's Week so that you can familiarise yourself with Leiden University’s complete offering of master’s programmes

When can I follow a Student for a Day event?

Student for a Day events are organised from October till April during course periods. From May till September these events aren't being offered. From the end of September you will find on this page an overview of dates on which the programmes offer Online Student for a Day events.

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