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Master's Open Day

Are you looking for a master's programme that will allow you to further specialise and prepare yourself for a successful career? But perhaps you are not quite sure which master’s is best suited to you, or maybe you have doubts as to whether you’re making the correct study choice for your future? For the answers to these and any other questions you might have, visit our Master’s Open Day and learn how Leiden University can help you.

What is the Master’s Open Day?

During the Master’s Open Day you’ll have the opportunity to learn all about Leiden University’s master's programmes. You could, for example, find yourself attending a fascinating presentation about your preferred master’s or masters’ programmes. And you’ll be able to ask questions of the study advisers or strike up conversations with alumni or current master’s students. In this way you’ll get a good idea of the content of your preferred master's, along with the career opportunities it will bring. It will also give you a good picture of the University and the city.

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Why you should visit the Master’s Open Day

Discover all master’s in Leiden and The Hague
Attend the presentations and ask questions of the teachers and students. The Master’s Open Day is the perfect way to find out which master’s programme is right for you

Talk to students, teachers, study advisers and alumni
They’ll be happy to answer your questions and share their experiences with you. You’ll learn all you need to know about our master’s programmes, studying in Leiden and The Hague and the job market. And to get the best advice on the next steps to take, one-on-one interviews with study advisers are also possible.

Get to know your student city
Leiden is the ideal student city.  It is centrally located among the Netherlands’ main cities and it has an atmospheric old centre with everything you’ll need as a student close at hand, including the University buildings, student accommodation and student associations.

Nearby is The Hague, the multicultural city of ministries and international organisations, where Leiden University also has a location.

The next Master’s Open Day

The next Master’s Open Day is on Friday 15 March 2019 in Leiden and in The Hague, starting at 09.00 and concluding at 20.00 hrs. 

Master's Open Day 2019

The next Master's Open Day will take place on 15 March 2019 . To pre-register leave your details and we will send you a reminder when the registration actually opens.

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Student Stories Master's Open Day


Visitor Master's Open Day Daniël


‘I’m studying Social Pedagogical Welfare at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences but next year I want to take on an academic programme. At the moment I’m tending towards Psychology or Child and Family Studies. What matters is that it’s a programme that focuses on the care of children. Why’s that important? Well, because you can give preventative help to children. With adults it’s mainly a case of limiting the problems, while with children you can nip problems in the bud early. Today I hope I’ll find out more about the compulsory bridging year before I can start studying at the university.’


Visitor Master's Open Day Fleur


‘When I was doing my applied sciences bachelor’s in Social Pedagogical Welfare I worked a lot with handicapped people. Now it’s time to get more into the theory behind the treatment methods. Only, Im not sure yet which specialisation I’ll do within Education and Child Studies. Luckily I can give it some thought while I’m doing my pre-master’s year. Digital Media in Human Development might be interesting; you look at the influence of digital media on child rearing and education.’


Visitor Master's Open Day


‘I studied Integral Security at applied sciences level and right now I’m doing an internship at the Gaming Authority. My studies went well but now I’m looking for something more. I recently came across the master’s in Management of the Public Sector, but first I have to do the pre-master’s track. It’ll be hard work combining a study and work, but I’m going toi give it my best shot. I found out a lot of good information via the website and I’ve just been asking one of the study advisers some questions. Now I want to get some more detailed information and see what advice they give about optional subjects.’

Impression of a Master's Open Day

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