Universiteit Leiden

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Leiden Study System

Students in Leiden have the right to good teaching and good supervision. For their part, to ensure that they work their way smoothly through their studies and obtain their degree within the time allotted, there are certain criteria they have to meet in terms of their progress.

Extra supervision

Leiden University has developed the Leiden Study System. This means that students receive extra supervision during their programme. At the start of their studies, each student has a personal interview; in addition they have sufficient teaching hours, they work in small mentor groups and have regular meetings to discuss the progress of their studies. In their second year, students draw up a study plan designed to help them maintain a good rate of progress and to see that they obtain their credits on time. 

Binding Study Advice

The Leiden Study System ensures that students have good supervision in the first years of their study programme. On the other hand, the system also imposes certain requirements on students in terms of their study progress. Students who do not meet these requirements may receive a negative binding study advice, which means that they will be unable to enroll in the same programme, or another programme with the same first year curriculum (propaedeuse), at Leiden University for a period of four years. 

Study plan

At the end of the first year, students draw up a study plan. The idea behind this is that by making and keeping to this plan they will progress more smoothly through their second year. Adequate feedback from the department helps them to study as successfully as possible so that they can earn their degree within three years and move on to a master’s.