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Upon arrival

Upon arrival in the Netherlands, you will need to take care of a number of practical matters. Try to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible, so you can get on with enjoying your orientation activities. Leiden University offers a ‘warm welcome service’ for newly-arriving international students.

Warm welcome service

On certain dates before the introduction weeks, Leiden University offers a ‘warm welcome service’ to assist international students with post-arrival practicalities.

What is provided?

  • Welcome desk at Amsterdam Schiphol airport
  • Assistance with rail travel to Leiden or the Hague
  • Welcome service at Leiden Central and The Hague Hollandspoor train stations
  • Assistance with finding the way to your accommodation
  • Information lounges at the Kamerlingh Onnes Building, Leiden and the Wijnhaven Building, The Hague: offering help and advice with a range of practical matters, such as bank accounts, housing, student cards, an ‘insurance policy check service’, GP/Doctor registration and much more.
  • Opportunity to attend all the necessary appointments before starting your introduction activities.

All services are free of charge, with the exception of train/bus tickets.  

Unable to arrive during the warm welcome service?

If you are unable to arrive during the warm welcome service, there’s no need for concern. If you arrive later, you can still sign up for all the necessary appointments on other dates. However, we do strongly advise that you take care of all formalities as early as possible. If you arrive earlier, you can make use of the appointments offered during the warm welcome service days. 

Town hall appointments

If you intend staying in the Netherlands for longer than four months, or if you have been granted a student residence permit, you must register with your local Dutch Town Hall. Find out how to make an appointment and which documents are required.

How to make an appointment

  • Leiden: Sign up online for the student registration session (appointments will be available soon)
  • The Hague: Sign up online for the student registration session (appointments will be available soon)
  • Oegstgeest : Call +31 (0)71 519 1793 and press 1 to make an appointment
  • Other cities: Contact your town directly

What to bring to your appointment

  • Valid passport or EU ID card – plus one copy
  • Copy of the visa/residence permit approval email you received from the university’s visa team.
  • The Hague only: Completed town hall registration form (hard copy)
  • Oegstgeest only: Original legalised birth certificate – plus one copy (see information below)
  • Original rental contract in your name. Alternatively,  the following can be accepted: 
    • Leiden only: Original landlord’s statement granting you permission to reside at that address
    • The Hague only: Statement of address completed by your landlord + Copy of landlord’s passport/ID card.  
    • Oegstgeest only: Original landlord’s statement granting you permission to reside at that address + Copy of landlord’s passport or ID card + Documentary proof of  property ownership
  • If you will not live in Leiden, Oegstgeest or The Hague, ask your local town hall exactly which documents are required.

Important: Always make photocopies in advance. You cannot make copies at the town hall!

Do I need a legalised birth certificate?  

You will only need a legalised birth certificate to register at certain town halls (see above), or in exceptional circumstances.

  • If you are from a country that has signed the Apostille Treaty:  Have your birth certificate affixed with an Apostille by the designated authority in your country. 
  • If you are from a country that has not signed the Apostille Treaty: Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country of birth to find out what steps to take. Note that up to three different bodies may have to sign and stamp your birth certificate, so make sure to start the  process several months in advance. 

If your birth certificate is not in Dutch, English, French or German: also obtain a sworn translation.

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