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Contracts, policies and procedures

To ensure things run as smoothly as possible, we expect students to be considerate and follow our well-established guidelines. Learn more about housing contracts and the procedures to be followed by tenants.

Read about housing contract conditions, as well as what to do if you want to switch rooms, stay longer, check out, or request maintenance.

Contract duration and dates

Contracts for rooms or apartments are for one or two semesters, or one year. The Housing Office does not offer permanent accommodation.

Type of agreement

Contract duration



Fall semester

5 months



Spring semester

7 months



Pre-sessional course
As part of an inclusive semester or one-year contract, if you continue onto a degree programme at  Leiden University after your pre-sessional course

1 month

30 July

31 August

Bachelor International Studies

You will receive a contract for only the first year of your studies.


1 year



LUC campus contract

LUC students stay in university housing for the first two years of their programme.

2 years

Mid-August or Mid-February (depending on start date LUC programme)

2 years after the start date

Different contract start date 

You can request an alternative contract start date by indicating your ‘preferred start date’ on the housing application form. The Housing Office will do its best to grant your request, subject to the availability of accommodation, but can offer no guarantees.

Extending your contract

You can  request a contract extension if:

  • you are still a student, employee or guest of Leiden University;
  • your accommodation is still available;
  • you have stayed in your accommodation for a maximum of one semester.

Submit your extension request via the contact form,  clearly stating the following: 

  • Your student number
  • Your current address
  • Your preferred new contract end date

Before signing your new contract, make sure you have paid all rent due till that date.  

Moving to different accommodation

If you want to move to different accommodation via the Housing Office, you can complete a moving form. Note that conditions and fees apply.

Staying longer than one year?

Our housing contracts are for a maximum of one year, therefore it's wise to plan your second-year accommodation as early as possible. We advise you to register directly with DUWO housing corporation soon after you arrive, so you request a room from them for your second or subsequent years of study.   

Terminating your contract

As a rule, you cannot terminate your contract earlier than on the agreed date. However exceptions can be made if you are able to find a tenant to take over your contract until its original end date. The new tenant must meet the following criteria: 

  • is an international student (not a PhD candidate) 
  • is not yet renting accommodation via the Housing Office
  • is a current student (not a prospective student)
  • is the same gender as your roommate(s) (if you are renting a shared room/studio)
  • agrees to pay the housing fee before being offered your accommodation

Be aware that if the new tenant backs out before signing, or is not accepted by the lessor, you will remain responsible for the contract and rental payments.

General conditions

Make sure to complete all the steps below when leaving your accommodation.

1.       Accommodation check-out

You must leave your room before 10.00 on the end date of your contract. All tenants are responsible for cleaning and closing up the common room(s). You may keep your bed linen (not the mattress protector) and kitchen package. For The Hague locations: if you do not take your bed linen/kitchen package, please throw them away. Failure to do so will result in a €25 penalty fee.

2.       Hand in your keys

Place your keys (attached to their original labels) in a sealed envelope, accompanied by a note stating your name, address and room number. Leave this at the location indicated below before 10:00 on the final date of your contract. Late key deposit will result in a penalty fee which will be deducted from your deposit.

Key deposit per location

Leiden: Hugo de Grootstraat 32

Mailbox of the caretaker

Leiden: Kaarsenmakersstraat

Green mailbox located in the entrance hall

Leiden: Herengracht

Mailbox 35W

Leiden: Hooigracht, Kloosterpoort and Middelstegracht

Mailbox of the caretaker located at the Hooigracht entrance

Leiden: Smaragdlaan

Mailbox at Smaragdlaan 72

Leiden (Oegstgeest): Oranjelaan

Mailbox located in the common room. If you have used a garbage container card, please leave this on the countertop in the kitchen at your location.

The Hague: all locations

DUWO office at Stamkartplein 98, The Hague

For locations in Leiden: Leave the garbage container card on the desk in your room or apartment, so the new tenant can easily find it when he/she arrives.

3.       Cancel your town hall registration  

If you registered with your local Dutch town hall upon arrival, you must cancel your registration before you leave according to the instructions below:

  • Leiden: visit Leiden Town Hall in person. 
  • Oegstgeest: complete this deregistration form and send it, with a copy of your passport, to:  Gemeente Oegstgeest, Publiekszaken, Antwoordnummer 40012, 2300 VJ Oegstgeest (no stamp needed).  
  • The Hague: visit The Hague Town hall in person at least 5 days before your departure.

Note: if you will move to another address in the Netherlands, you do not need to cancel your town hall registration. Instead, simply register at your new address with your (new) local Dutch town hall.

4.       Request a housing deposit refund

Request a refund by completing the housing deposit refund form. Make sure to upload proof that you have cancelled your town hall registration. In busy periods you may have to wait up to 8 weeks for your refund. Please note that you will only receive a refund after your contract end date.

5.       Inform relevant authorities

If you have applied for any governmental benefits and/or subsidies (for instance rent benefit - the so-called ‘huurtoeslag’) you are responsible for informing the authorities of your departure.

Final inspection
After you check out, your accommodation will be inspected by the caretaker. You do not need to be present during this final inspection.

If you have any questions about your room, facilities or building you can contact DUWO.

For information on how to reach DUWO in case of minor malfunctions or urgent issues in your building, go to the DUWO request for repairs page.

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