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Online education: what have we done so far

Due to the measures against the coronavirus, all students at Leiden University will receive online education as long as we are in a lockdown situation.

Online education

Students use for their online education learning management systems such as Brightspace, as well as other tools that specifically help organise remote teaching, such as Kaltura Live room and Microsoft Teams. 

Online platforms for various types of education
Teachers use these tools to give lectures and workgroups online. You learn not only from your teacher, but also from each other. You do this, among other things, by analysing each other's work, having discussions and by making group assignments. The online platforms offer you the possibilities for these forms of collaborative learning to interactively continue your study.

Options for digital examination
You can take your exams online: whether it are presentations, practice tests or tests with open questions or multiple choice questions. Oral exams and presentations are taken by telephone or via video calling. 

Quality of education
Of course it is of great importance that you can also rely on good education in these difficult circumstances. Our programmes do everything to ensure that both the education and the examinations meet the quality requirements that normally also apply. There is a code of conduct for teachers (and students) that establishes guidelines for teaching and learning through remote environments, or any form of education that primarily relies on IT services.

Tips, advice and a listening ear for our students

The corona crisis has a major impact on the lives of our students. Education is online, and social contact is avoided as much as possible. That is difficult for our international students who are here without their family and friends, but just as much for our Dutch students in Leiden and The Hague. We understand their concerns and are committed to providing them with the best possible support. That is why you can use the different support options Leiden University offers:

  • Healthy University @Home: experts give students online how to keep them mentally and physically fit
  • Listening Phone: Extra support with, for example, loneliness, stress or anxiety
  • Student support groups: offer support, cooperation and advice


Read and see students' stories about how they experience studying online at home? Both Dutch and international students regularly share on Instagram their stories, or their tips for getting through this time.

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