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Introduction Days: a good start

With a good start of your programme, a good start of your student life is of course also appropriate. Now that our famous introduction weeks cannot continue in the traditional way, we are working hard to come up with good alternatives together with the student associations and study associations.

Unfortunately, we cannot organise our introduction weeks (EL CID, HOP and OWL) in their traditional form. Events are not allowed until September 1. But we still want to introduce our new students to the city, study and student life in Leiden and The Hague in a fun way. Leiden University is developing plans with the organising committees and other parties involved where virtual activities will be combined with introductions on campus in small groups of a maximum of 100 people, all maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres from one another. 

As a student of Leiden University you have the possibility to take part in 3 introduction weeks: OWL, HOP and EL CID. We will keep you informed as soon as you can sign up for the introduction weeks.

OWL (Orientation Week Leiden)

Are you an international student? Than we would recommend the Orientation Week Leiden (OWL)! OWL has been specially designed for international students who are new to the country, the city and the University. For Dutch students we recommend the EL CID.
Read more about the OWL


The HOP –The Hague Orientation Programme – is the official introduction week for new Leiden University students studying in The Hague. During a five-day, festive and varied programme you’ll be able to get acquainted with the city and the student life that await you.
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EL CID-week

You are also invited to join EL CID (the introduction week for all new students of Leiden University. This includes all the regular Dutch students which is why the programme is in Dutch, but you would get an English speaking mentor). If you want to meet Dutch students and submerge in Dutch student life, including visiting the student associations and enjoying a bit more of the Leiden social life, the EL CID caters to that.
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