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International Leiden Leadership Programme

Curious about your personal leadership style? The International Leiden Leadership Programme is an honours programme for master’s students looking to understand leadership, train and develop their leadership skills and acquire an insight into their personal strengths and weaknesses.

What is the International Leiden Leadership Programme?

Every year, 25 students from different master’s programmes and cultural backgrounds are selected for an intensive course on leadership and personal development. In a period of four months you take assessments, receive training in skills like negotiation, listening and conflict resolutions and discuss leadership with experienced leaders.

What’s in it for you?

Through in-depth training sessions, assessments, and seminars, you will focus on gaining insights into your personal leadership style and your development goals.

After completing the course you will have: 

  • A fundamental grasp of the theories of leadership; 
  • Trained and developed your (leadership) skills; 
  • An insight into your personal strengths and weaknesses; 
  • Made  a five-year plan for your own further personal (leadership) development.

For whom?

Students who meet the following criteria are welcome to apply. You are:

  • enrolled in a master’s programme or an advanced master’s programme at Leiden University or Delft University of Technology
  • motivated and able to attend an intensive extracurricular course alongside your master’s programme
  • highly motivated to reflect on your self-development
  • interested in learning about leadership and your personal leadership style
  • willing to experiment with different leadership techniques

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