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Honours College

Do you think you can handle an additional challenge that will help you get the most out of your study? If so, consider participating in our Honours College and develop your talents to the fullest.

What is the Honours College?

The Honours College is an extracurricular programme that has been specifically designed for bachelor’s students who want to go the extra mile. With excellent supervision and small scale education you’ll discover talents you didn’t know you had and get the most out of your education. Furthermore, the Honours College will earn you extra credits, as well as the Honours College Certificate if you complete it. Programmes start in the second half of the first year with an orientation course and last until the end of the bachelor’s programme.

The Honours College is for you if:

  • You are enthusiastic and curious.
  • You are motivated to get more out of your studies.
  • You want to develop your talents.
  • You have broad academic interests.

What advantages does the Honours College offer?

  • You’ll get the best out of yourself.
  • You’ll receive personal and challenging tuition from lecturers.
  • You’ll be given the chance to do more research, or go into more depth in another field.
  • You’ll receive an honours certificate and an endorsement on your degree supplement.
  • It will enhance your résumé and increase your chances on the job market.
  • You’ll broaden your network.
  • You’ll earn extra credits.

Faculty programmes

Each faculty of Leiden University offers an Honors College programme with additional education and research. You can choose to follow a programme close to your own study, but also for something completely different.

In the first year of the track, you will already get an idea of what kind of job opportunities are available in the archaeological field. By doing two short internships, you will get in touch with the field of research and the work of commercial, non-profit, and government agencies engaged in archaeology and heritage. You will be pushed to be the best that you can be, and you will be challenged to take the lead in your own development. During the Theoretical Seminars, you will have a closer look at current issues in archaeology and learn to have critical and reflective discussions on the matters discussed.

  • Location: Leiden
  • Language: Dutch and English
  • Open to all bachelor students of Leiden University.

For more information, visit the webpage.

The Humanities is the field of study that includes everything that make humans human. We have different cultures and languages. Different groups have their own histories, which they tell stories about. We produce and enjoy music, theatre, paintings and films. All these typical human activities and the products thereof are studied in the humanities, and have been for centuries.

With Expedition you can either dive into a subject in more detail or expand your horizons. With different elective topics at hand you will research the differences and similarities between humanities, social and life sciences. You receive challenging, small-group, intensive instruction from top scholars, specialists who have earned their name in education and research.

The programme includes elements like guest lectures, seminars and excursions. For example, you can learn how to make a documentary, design an opinion page or draft a policy document. It gives you the chance to gain the needed practical experience, which also enhances your regular degree programme.

  • Location: Leiden
  • Language: Dutch and English
  • Open to all bachelor students of Leiden University

For more information, visit humanitieslab.nl.

The honours track  Tackling Global Challenges is an English track in The Hague, near  the Dutch political centre. The programme makes you aware of the interaction between science and the world of consultants/policy advisers and politics. How can we use the knowledge out of science to solve societal problems? And how can we benefit policy processes to create a better world?

  • Location: The Hague
  • Language: English
  • Open to all bachelor students of Leiden Univerisity

For more information, visit the webpage.

How do we develop social scientific knowledge? How are new scientific insights implemented? In this Faculty Track you will research what social scientific knowledge can do for society at large. You will follow interesting lectures by prominent scholars and you will further develop your skills in the areas of debating, scientific writing, presenting, working in a team, analytical thinking and doing research.


You will be doing this with other students from the various bachelor’s programmes of Leiden University. By visiting a series of national and international organizations we will gain academic insights that will help us understand and solve societal issues. You will complete the Honours College by attending an academic tour to a European capital.

  • Location: Leiden
  • Language: English (it is also possible to follow this track in Dutch)
  • Open to all bachelor students of Leiden University.

For more information, visit the webpage.

What is the selection procedure for the Honours College?

To determine whether you are eligible for the Honours College, Leiden University looks at several things. For example, you have a good chance of attaining your first-year certificate (propaedeuse) in just one year. We also look closely at your attitude and motivation. A selection procedure applies for all honours programmes. This can vary from writing a motivational letter to an intake interview, presentation or letter of recommendation. Clearly, Leiden University will only admit you into the Honours College if you are highly motivated and talented.

Read more information about the Honours College.

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