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Employability project

Leiden University wants its students to be well prepared for the job market. This is the main goal of the Employability project that started in 2016.

In this day and age employers expect more than just academic knowledge from graduates. Therefore the university wants the transition process from study to graduate careers to be in line with the demands of the current global market.  The project is linked to university-wide developments in the area of educational reform such as open and online education.    

Job market preparation project

The project began in January 2016, has an expected duration of 2,5 years and consists of 3 distinct elements:

  1. Custom made employability programs
    First of all, a number of study programmes will intensify their job market preparation activities as part of a pilot scheme. They will set up custom-made programmes in which students can prepare for their transition to the job market in different ways and at different stages in their studies. This means not only learning an assortment of essential skills (21st century skills) such as leadership, entrepreneurship and presentation techniques, but also getting to know work environments, gaining practical experience and connecting with alumni and employers.
  2. Upgrade Career Services
    The Leiden University Career Zone will get a complete makeover. The LU Career Zone is a digital environment in which students can work independently on their career skills. The career services will be made more visible in a new universitywide campaign. Alumni research will be improved to enable students to better explore job markets. And a new mentor-mentee system is launched in which students can be coached by  alumni in their search for a career.
  3. Intensification of contacts with employers
    Leiden University will intensify its contacts with (local) employers and  social partners. This collaboration should result in better internship and job opportunities for Leiden students.

The project will be carried out by the Leiden University Student and Educational Affairs department in collaboration with the Alumni Office.

Career Services

Leiden University has several Career Services that offer practical information and advice to students and alumni about job applications and the job market. Our Career Services can be found at almost every faculty, with a central expertise centre located at Plexus Student Centre. A wide range of services are on offer, such as personal career planning, CV checks, workshops, training in job application techniques and lots more.

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