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Why take part in Students As Partners?

Students As Partners (StAP) gives you a unique opportunity to improve the learning experience not just for yourself but for the entire University. You will carry out your own research, possibly together with one or two other students, and you will then put your findings into practice.


You will collaborate with University staff during the process, but you will remain the initiator and leader. You therefore have plenty of space for your own ideas, and are taken seriously.

For your project you will use the research method Action Research. With this method you will constantly refine and adapt your plans and idea. This leaves room for a lot of trial and error in your project.

But there is more: 

  • Improve your own learning experience
  • Training in Action Research
  • Possible publication
  • Enlarge your network
  • Compensation: Financial or ECTS 

After your research you will write a recommendation to the faculty based on your findings, as a student consultant. 

Reason enough to take part! Read here about how to get involved. 

"This is the first time in university where we were allowed to fail, and start again after finding issues. This is an incredible experience, as with exams/essays this is not possible." - StAP student

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