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Student FAQs

Your project fits Students as Partners when:

  • Your project is about improving the learning experience. Within this theme your project can be about anything, except about changing the content of a subject. If you want to know more about existing StAP projects, check the project pages from round 1 and round 2
  • Your project takes ten months at maximum.
  • Your research is focused on finding the best solution for the problem that you research. You test your solution in practice, your intervention. This is how you will get the best on practice based result.
  • You collaborate with (a) stakeholder(s).
  • It fits one of the eight ambitions of the vision on teaching and learning.

You can send us an email with your idea for feedback. To officially apply you will have to fill out the application form that soon can be downloaded from this website.

If you participate in Students as Partners we expect you to do research through Action Research and collaborate with stakeholders. Besides this you are responsible for testing your results of your own research in practice. At the end of the project you will write a recommendation report for the faculty about the results of the project, in which you recommend the faculty what they can do best to solve the problem which you researched.

Participating in Students as Partners will gain you a bunch of new skills. You will receive action-research training. You will enlarge your network and you will get to know the policy side of the university. You will practice pitching, learn transferable skills and will be given the opportunity to publish your work in an international journal. Besides this you will get compensation. Check the next FAQ What is the compensation for more info.

If you participate in Students as Partners you will receive compensation, this can be financial compensation or ECTS.

Financial compensation
The project (max. 10 months) is divided in two parts: (1) the research and (2) the recommendation. Only for (2) the recommendation you will be paid. You will be hired as student-assistant for one month, despite how long your (1) research will take (max. 9 months). Your whole team will receive one month long, eight hours per week, per person, in accordance with the collective agreement of the university. In that month you will write a recommendation report for the faculty about the results of your project in which you recommend the faculty what they can do best with the problem that you researched.

Compensation in ECTS (Honours)
If you are an honours student, it is possible to do this project for ECTS. Discuss if the project fits in your Honours programme with your Honours coordinator. NB: If you choose ECTS you will not receive financial compensation for writing the recommendation report.

How much time you spend on the project depends on its scope and if you work together with other students (we advise groups of two or three students). A project can take up to ten months. One day a week for your project is probably about right. The number of hours a week that you spend on the project obviously also affects the total amount of time that the project takes. As you are the project leader, you can determine how you divide your time. If you want to spend eight hours a week on the project, this does not have to be on one single day. When you apply, we do ask you to estimate how much time you plan to spend on the project each week.

It's possible, but you can also submit a project that applies to a single faculty or programme.

You need to involve at least one stakeholder in your project. The main stakeholder is a University staff member who is affected by your project. Other stakeholders are not necessarily University staff but could be students or study associations. It depends on your project who is an important stakeholder. If, for instance, your project is about sustainability in teaching, it is a good idea to involve lecturers who are actively involved in sustainability within their discipline.

Start by talking to staff that you know. If you are unsure who to ask, the StAP team can help. Mail us your question!

No, Students As Partners projects are about improving the learning experience: for instance, teaching methods, extracurricular initiatives, technology in teaching, learning spaces and so on.

No, Students as Partners is a research project (see StAP and Action Research for more info). You are in lead of this project. You start with a problem and formulate multiple solutions. Afterwards you will research what the best solution is and you will do an intervention in practice. Money is available for the intervention (and your research).

If your project plan is only focused on the final outcome, we cannot grand you money from the project budget.

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