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Projects round 1: march - november 2019

Form march until the end of November the first round of Students as Partners took place. In this overview you will find all the projects that participated in this round.

"This is the first time in university where we were allowed to fail, and start again after finding issues. This is an incredible experience, as with exams/essays this is not possible." - StAP-student

Project ‘Law and sustainability’

This project is finished
Law students Aoife Fleming and Jiahui Plomp research how sustainability and law are connected and how these two fields can be more intertwined in education in the future. In this research, different perspectives of lecturers, practitioners and law students are involved.

Action Research: The first idea of these students was to make an exhibition about sustainability. During their research however, they determined that an optional lecture series was a better way to solve the problem.

Project ‘Mental health’

This project is finished
Four students research the mental health of students at Campus The Hague. In the Educational Committee of International Studies, which all four of them are part of, this topic was discussed multiple times. Therefore they want to research what kind of support students require the most and how they can provide students best in their need. 

Action Research: These students started their project with a plan for a theme week about mental health. During their project they found out that there were already two other theme weeks about this topic planned. Because of this, they used a survey to research how students experienced these theme weeks. Based on the results, they changed their plan for the intervention and now focus on improving communication about mental health.

Project ‘the dots of student life’ - labour market preparation

This project is finished
Many students wonder how to best present themselves within the fast-changing labour market, using the skills they develop at university. Four students of International Studies came together in an attempt to answer this question. Emmelien Somsen, Inès Castagnet, Mansi Lam and Thiago Souza Machado wanted to find a way to support students to develop a better understanding of how the skills they learn within their programme are applicable in their future careers. 

In their recommendation to the faculty, they wrote about multiple solutions, among others focused on communication and developing skills. One of their solutions is organizing a tailor-made Labour Lab focussed on International Studies.

Action Research: This team initially planned to make an (online) brochure about their subject. However, after research the brochure turned out not to be the best solution. As intervention, they planned to found a ‘labour lab’.

View a short video in which Thiago Souza Machado talks about the project.

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"Not only do you learn so much about yourself, you get to experience what it's like to start something, whether it be a journal or a project, of your own. Also it is excellent experience for later opportunities such as internships." - StAP-student

Project ‘Medusa’ – Student-run academic journal for undergraduate students

This project is finished
A team of three students founded an academic journal for undergraduate students, known as Medusa. The journal is interdisciplinary, featuring papers of other undergraduate students part of different programmes of Leiden University in The Hague and has a student-run editorial board. In their research they focused on the question how to sustain the journal with regards to the most effective method of publishing, be it print or online, and how to operate without the help of Students as Partners. 

In their recommendation to the faculty, they wrote among other things about how the journal contributes to the learning experience of students: ""With regards to the editors, it has enabled them to understand the processes of editing a paper and interacting with the authors in a constructive manner. Further, the authors also learnt from the experience as they were able to delve further into their topic of research and improve their paper."

Action Research: These students wanted to make it possible for undergraduate students to publish their work. An academic journal soon turned out to be the best solution. It would be great if this initiative could be scaled up. 

Medusa | Leiden University Journal for Undergraduate Research
Look at the magazine here
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