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Students As Partners

Ever thought things could go better and faster at the University? Good news: this means you have an opinion and your experience makes you an expert. The StAP project needs people just like you. On this project, you get to improve the learning experience not just for yourself but for the whole University. You will find all the information you need about what exactly this entails and how to join in on these pages.

What is Students as Partners?

Students as Partners is a project in which you, the student, can propose and execute your own innovation idea to improve the learning experience. Your idea will be about innovation in the teaching in your programme, your faculty or the entire University. How you want to achieve this is up to you. You will investigate in a team of 2 or 3 students whether your plan is feasible and you will try it out in practice in collaboration with staff members through an intervention. There will be a project budget for your intervention available.

Potential topics

Your project will be about improving the learning experience. Within this theme your project can be about anything, except about changing the content of a subject. It can be about making the university more sustainable, preventing student burnout to improving students employability; what you find important! If you want to know more about existing StAP projects, check the tab pilot projects.

Besides your topic, the intervention in your project is not fixed. In the project you will research which intervention suits your projects best. For your research you will use the method Action Research. This gives you the best practice based result for your idea.

The conditions of this project are that you are a student from Leiden University and you work together with staff members from the university. You do not have to execute your idea on your own. You will also receive support in developing your research and training in executing your project. 

What are the other benefits of Students as Partners?

You gain experience in Action Research, you enlarge your network, learn how to deliver a good pitch and acquire transferable skills and you may even get to publish your research. Besides this you will get compensation. For more information, check What is the compensation at the students FAQs.


From 26 August 2019 on, you can sign up for Students as Partners. You can download the application soon from this website.

The deadline for applying is on the 22 September 2019. After applying you will receive feedback, which you will be given time to implement between October 2 and October 20. The final deadline for submitting your project plan with the feedback is the 20 October 2019.

We will let you know if you are selected on the first of November 2019. If you are selected you can start your project on the 4 November 2019

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