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Students As Partners

The aim of the Students As Partners (StAP) project is to improve the student experience for yourself and the entire University. In StAP, students work with University staff to improve the teaching at the University. You will find all the information you need about what exactly this entails and how to join in on these pages.

What is StAP?

Ever thought things could go better/faster/different at the University? Good news: this means you have an opinion and your experience makes you an expert. The StAP project needs people just like you. On this project, you get to improve the student experience not just for yourself but for the whole University. How you want to achieve this is up to you. Your idea can be about innovation in the teaching in your programme, your faculty or the entire University. You will investigate whether your plan is feasible and will try it out in practice.

Potential topics

Your project can be about anything, except about changing the content of a subject. It can be about making the University more sustainable to improving our employability, and from preventing student burnout to increasing the sense of community in your programme or faculty. The project could involve developing an app or extracurricular course or implementing new digital teaching methods. 

You need to be a student to take part in StAP and you will work together with University staff on your project. This means you don’t have to implement your plan on your own, but can get help with planning your research and training on how to carry out your project.

What are the other benefits of StAP?

You gain experience in change management, increase your network, learn how to deliver a good pitch and acquire transferable skills, and you may even get to publish your research. 

You will also be paid for your work. You can take part in the first StAP projects starting September 2019. 

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