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Programme team

The vision on teaching and learning programme team develops a project plan and monitors the progress of the innovations.

The team also organises different activities to increase the coherence between the projects and the exchange examples. They design products and instruments to bring innovation to our teaching. Within Leiden University, the programme team takes care of the communication with respect to the vision on teaching and learning. The programme team develops and organises activities in collaboration with the faculties.

The programme team comprises:

  • Christel Verberg (ICLON)
  • Dagmar Brouwer (LAssO)
  • Eline Bergijk (HA)
  • Joanne Mol (Archaeology)
  • Harriët Sjerps (Programme manager)
  • Krista Blom (Communications)
  • Marja Verstelle (ICTO Innovation Program)
  • Stas Brouwer (Project secretary)
  • Ton Kallenberg (Humanities)

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