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University buildings

Making sure our buildings are sustainable will contribute to Dutch and European environmental standards. Leiden University meets these standards in all its building projects.

The new Gorleaus Building on the University's Science Campus is an example of sustainable construction. The building is energy efficient, pleasant to be in and it also takes into account responsible use of sustainable materials and water. 

Quality label

An integral quality label that has been developed in recent years is BREEAM-NL. It is currently the most comprehensive sustainability quality label in the Netherlands, dividing sustainability into 9 categories varying from energy, water and material usage to the production of waste and transport movements. The following scores are possible:  Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent or Outstanding. BREEAM-NL has been applied to the development of the new Science Campus. The complex was awarded a score of Very Good for the design of the buildigt and for its construction.

BREEAM-NL has been applied in the developing the new  Science Campus.


Leiden University intends to apply the BREEAM-NL quality label much more broadly in its real estate policy. Besides the quality label for new buildings and large-scale renovations, the University will also use quality labels for existing buildings, regional development and demolition. An experimental project has been started for educational premises, which will be applied to existing buildings.

Current status

An inventory was drawn up in 2016 of 27 University buildings, setting out the degree to which they meet the criteria of  BREEAM-NL In Use, an instrument for monitoring the sustainability performance of existing buildings. The inventory shows how sustainable the buildings currently are and what the possibilities are for making them more sustainable. The results can be viewed on the Sustainability in Images website.

Sustainable demolition

In 2017 the University started the sustainable demolition of the old LCP laboratory building of the Faculty of Science. Sustainable demolition means that account is taken of the surrounding area, carbon emissions are minimised and that as much of the old building material is used as possible, for example for new building or as the foundation for roadways.

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