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Environmental Policy Plan

Sustainability within Leiden University manifests itself in three different areas: business operations, teaching and research. We aim to communicate as openly as possible on these issues.

The objectives of Leiden University's 2015-2016 Environmental Policy Plan are as follows:

  • to reduce the direct environmental impact arising from the activities of the University to as low a level as possible, minimally to that of other comprehensive universities.
  • to substantially strengthen the visibility of and participation in environmental and sustainability policies by students, staff and the local environment.
  • To reduce the CO2 footprint of the University by 50 per cent in the coming five years.

Achieving these aims

To achieve these objectives, Leiden University is focusing on:

  • improving its environmental and sustainability performance by means of 6 themes:
    1. housing
    2. energy
    3. water
    4. procurement and investments
    5. waste
    6. mobility
  • sustainability needs to be further integrated into the University's core teaching and research tasks.
  • stimulating, implementing and safeguarding initiatives so that the activities and results of our environmental and sustainability policy will be broadly visible, supported and recognised.

Current status

Take a look a the different topics to get an update on the current status of our goals.