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Biodiversity – biological diversity – is gaining more attention on Leiden University’s campuses.

Liveable campuses

In the past decades the number of students and staff who use the buildings of Leiden University has doubled and the campuses have been made as low-maintenance as possible. Parking spaces, paths and cycle parking were often created at the expense of greenery and ecology. This generates (too much) heat, reduces biodiversity and disrupts the ecological balance.

From 2021 there will therefore be more attention for biodiversity in the operational management at our university. Leiden University Green Office, the Real Estate Service, the University Services Department and the Hortus botanicus are working together to integrate biodiversity into our campuses. We are making these more green, liveable and biodiverse, and our increasing the visibility of this to our students and staff.

Focus on biodiversity

In our Sustainability Vision 2030, biodiversity is a key focus in the development and greening of our campuses. We want to make even more use here of the biodiversity knowledge that we as a university possess.

Leiden Bio Science Park

Biodiversity has been a focus for some time already in the development of Leiden Bio Science Park (LBSP). Examples of this include planting a new tree for each one that is chopped down and providing enough water buffers, such as ditches and bioswales, to collect rainwater rather than convey it directly to the sewer. Parks have also been created, including the Schilperoort Park, the Hartlijn and a green campus square, a different grass-cutting schedule is used and an ecologist is always involved in any developments.

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