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About Animal Welfare Body Leiden

The Animal Welfare Body is closely involved in all aspects of the research on laboratory animals.

The Animal Welfare Body Leiden (AWB) is an internal body involved in laboratory animal research carried out at Leiden University and the LUMC. The AWB has a number of legal duties, including advising, monitoring, registering and supervising all research with laboratory animals. The AWB Leiden consists of a small team of permanent staff and makes use of a scientific framework of 16 scientists in its decision-making. The relevant vet is consulted where necessary.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the AWB.

The team of AWB Leiden

The team of AWB Leiden exists of four core members, which are an employee, two scientific advisors and a chair which is also the mandatory internal animal welfare officer.

During the review of new project licenses, amendments and notifications on existing project licenses, one or more scientist are incorporated. Sixteen active scientists of LUMC or university Leiden are committed to advise the AWB on our policy and procedures.

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