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New Strategic Plan

The Executive Board intends to present the University’s new strategic plan in February 2022, during our Dies Natalis. We want to involve as many people from the University organisation as possible in formulating the plan.

The process towards achieving the plan has been named ‘LDN FWD’ (‘Leiden Forward’), a name you’ll come across often in the coming period in connection with our new strategic plan.

In 2021, we will be holding meetings to discuss the plan and will decide together what are the urgent themes and goals for the coming years. The findings of these discussions will form the building blocks for the new Strategic Plan. The plan will be shaped through discussions with and among students and staff, and with our partners and the community around us.

The original goal of presenting the new plan in February 2021 was made obsolete by the corona crisis. The Executive Board decided to postpone the process with one year, in agreement with the Board of Governors and the University Council. 

Why make a strategic plan?

  • It sets the direction for policy choices in the coming years
  • It is our opportunity to inspire and draw inspiration from one another
  • It is an opportunity to make existing processes future proof
  • We are required by law to draw up and publish an institutional plan

Transparant and open

We believe it is important that the strategic plan is shaped though a transparent process.  We will ensure that the discussion – whatever form it takes – is a dialogue and that we are open about the course of the process.

Student conference ‘Mission 2026’

On  21 February, 120 students took part in Mission 2026, an interactive conference where, in a single afternoon, they produced a strategic plan from a student perspective.  
For more information, please see : Students lead the way for a new strategic plan (article in Dutch).

Stages in the process

Preparation stage

(Started autumn 2019)

Administrators explored and prepared the initial ideas about our profile and our ambitions. The further process (timing and method) for producing the strategic plan was worked out.  

Development stage

(Spring/summer 2021)

After a reorientation at the beginning of 2021, the development of the Strategic Plan has been resumed. We will bring as many students, staff and external stakeholders as possible together to discuss the themes and ambitions that are to be incorporated in our new strategic plan. Groups of people across the University who are already working on creating the vision for the new plan on a particular theme will be asked to produce an initial draft text for the institutional plan. Towards the end of this stage, the text of the new plan will be written and rewritten.

Decision-making stage

(Autumn 2021)

Writing, rewriting and polishing the plan will be interwoven with the decision-making process. The University Council will give its consent and the Board of Governors will approve the plan.

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